Protecting Trade Names As Trademarks

Trade names and trademarks are commonly confused by small businesses and young entrepreneurs. The confusion usually occurs because many businesses use the name of the company, at least in part, as a trademark. Reserving a company name or registering a business entity with the Secretary of State or Division of Corporations does not provide trademark rights in the registered company name. Registering a business with the Secretary of State does not provide you with a trademark registration. Assuming trademark protection from registering a business name with the state can be a costly mistake. To avoid this mistake, it is helpful to understand the difference between trademarks and trade names.

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Register a Trademark in 4 Simple Steps!

This article explains how you can register your trademark in four simple steps. You may first wonder: Why should I even register a trademark? The answer is simple. A valid trademark registration significantly improves your ability to protect and enforce your brand and can be critical to protecting the goodwill of your company.  Valid U.S. trademark registrations provide additional legal rights that strengthen your trademark.

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Trademark Access

Welcome to Trademark Access.  You may be wondering:  What  sets us apart from other trademark registration services?  There are at least three reasons you will want your trademark work done by the attorneys at Trademark Access.

First, we provide you the assurance that your trademark application will be prepared and filed by an experienced trademark attorney.   Unlike many of the self-help services now available on the internet, with Trademark Access you will receive personal consultation from one of our Trusted Trademark Attorneys.

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