Succefully File Trademark Applications

For strong trademark protection, you need someone who can successfully file trademark applications. That is because a trademark registration provides additional protections to help you enforce your rights and protect your business name or logo. Trademark Access’s attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help you strengthen and protect your trademarks – to help you be successful!

The process for obtaining a trademark registration involves a number of steps.  These steps involve many legal and technical issues which, while appearing simple, can be tricky and often confusing because they involve terms and principles which may not be readily understood by someone without legal training. In fact, they usually require the knowledge of an experienced trademark attorney.  Here are some steps you will want a trademark attorney to help you with:

1.  Trademark Search:  Before having your trademark attorney file trademark applications for your business, you will want to have a trademark search conducted to ensure that no one else has superior rights in the mark or in another similar or conflicting mark.  At Trademark Access we have the knowledge and experience to conduct and evaluate effective searches so you can avoid investing in an infringing or weak mark.

2.  Prepare and File Trademark Application: Preparing and filing a trademark application may appear deceptively simple simple because of the online forms now available, but you will want an experienced trademark lawyer to prepare and file the application for you because of the many legal and technical nuances.  It is easy for the inexperienced to make mistakes.  Having an experienced attorney prepare and file your application can help ensure you have the strongest protection possible.

3.  Monitor & Prosecute Application: Registration is not automatically granted upon filing your trademark application. Filing alone is usually not enough.  Applications are commonly refused initially for various legal and procedural reasons.  This does not mean you will not obtain your registration.  However, you may need to correct technical errors and make legal arguments to overcome refusals.  Consequently, it is important that you have someone with experience on your side to monitor and prosecute your trademark application.

4.  Obtain Certificate of Registration:  Before you obtain your Trademark Certificate of Registration, your application will publish in the Federal Register to permit third parties to have notice that you are seeking a trademark and to allow them an opportunity to oppose your registration if they feel they have superior rights and that they will be harmed by your registration.  You will want an experienced trademark lawyer to defend your application in the event someone files an opposition.

5.  Enforce Trademark: Enforcing trademarks is more than sending nasty letters to third parties using your mark or confusingly similar marks.  Sending a nasty letter to the wrong person at the wrong time could jeopardize your rights.  It is important that you know certain things, like who was using their mark first, factors supporting potential confusion, and the differences between descriptive and trademark use.  The professionals at Trademark Access can help you enforce your trademarks and advise you when and how is the best way to do so.

You want a trademark law firm dedicated to the success of your company to help you strengthen and protect your trademarks.  You want experienced trademark lawyers to file trademark applications for you.  At Trademark Access, we have the experienced trademark lawyers you need.  Don’t waste your valuable time and resources attempting to brave the legal maze of registering your trademark.  Why risk it when you can use the attorneys at Trademark Access?

Let the knowledgeable attorneys at Trademark Access help you obtain a strong and effective trademark registration. If you are ready to file trademark applications then call 1-855-549-9900  – or  – Start the application process online below: