How To Get A Trademark

People who want to know how to get a trademark usually want to know all their options.   Many people might assume that using an attorney is too costly, and decide to work through the process on their own. Unfortunately this can often lead to greater costs and frustrations down the road.  At Trademark Access we are a team of trademark attorneys that have helped countless people get their trademark registered at affordable rates.

To lower costs, some firms might instruct you to do some of the research yourself.   We are not a self help trademark service, we offer full trademark filing services at low affordable rates.  When you use our services, you can rest assured that the application and filing process will get done the right way.

Don’t rely too heavily on the USPTOs website to perform pre-research.    The USPTO website is not always up to date, and it only searches Federal trademark records. It does not search State trademark records or common law records.

 At Trademark Access we will perform an adequate search so we can ensure your trademark is protected on multiple levels. We do not rely too heavily on the USTPO website, and we make sure we go through several sources on your behalf. Knowing how to get a trademark starts with proper research, and if it is not done right it can end up putting you at risk down the line.

The bottom line is that knowing how to get a trademark is something our company is well versed in, at every level of the process. We do expert research, and we make sure that everything is clear before moving forward with anything else. This is going to ensure you save time and headaches that going the cheaper route will not.

The USTPO also has very stringent rules regarding how to get a trademark, and our trademark attorneys know how to navigate these rules to the letter. If you are ready to get started Call 1-855-549-9900 – or – Start the application process online by clicking on the link below.