How much does it cost to trademark something?

The process of trademarking something can vary depending on the option that you use.  According to our Las Vegas Trademark Attorney, the only necessary cost is the actual filing of the application which currently runs $275.  The $275 is a fee that cannot be waived and is paid to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  

Option 1)

Do-it-Yourself, This is the cheapest possible option.  This option requires you to do the trademark search, and application on your own.  You will have to pay $275 for the filing fee. This option may become significantly more expensive if your trademark search is faulty or your trademark application has an error.  An office action may require you to hire an attorney eventually. Approximately ⅔ of all applications are rejected.  This number increases amongst DIY applications. You should [compare your options] before you choose this method.

Option 2)

Hire an attorney to do the trademark search and do the application yourself.  Hiring a trademark  attorney to do the search will decrease the chances of an office action, or rejection.  A comprehensive trademark search using tools not available to most of the public is dependent on the attorney or service you use.  A very reasonable price from an attorney with more than 15 years experience runs $495.  When you file the application you will have to pay the $275 filing fee.  Using this option you will spend a total of about $770.  Your chance of a successful application increases, but you may still need an attorney for office actions.  [See what this option includes.]

Option 3)

Do your own trademark search and hire an attorney to fill out the application.  This option will decrease the chances of a rejection due to errors in the application.  Most experienced trademark attorneys will charge $395 for filling out the application and the USPTO filing fee of $275.  This option will cost $670 and the attorney will respond to Non-substantive office actions. [See what this option includes]

Option 4)

Hire an attorney for the entire process.  Choosing this option means you will have a qualified attorney to do the trademark search, and application.  This option decreases your chances of a rejection or an office action and gives you the most peace of mind.  This option is $650 for the search and application.  The filing fee is another $275.  This is the best value for $925.  [See everything included in this package]

Option 5)

Hire a generic trademark service.  The prices of these services can vary greatly from $89 plus the filing fee to several thousand.  With one of these services, you may or may not get an attorney to work on your trademark.  You may get inadequate search results and no legal representation in the event of an office action.  Great caution should be used if you choose this method.

If you choose to do-it-yourself, our learning center should give you an advantage.