What are the differences between the different types of intellectual property?

Trademarks, Patents, and Copyrights are various types of Intellectual Property.  All of them are vital to businesses and every successful business has elements of all three. Often times people mistake one for another.  Sometimes things will fit into one or more of the following categories.  All of them are things that are created by the mind.  Intellectual Property protects the things you think of.

Trademark Access has a blog which is continually updated.  The information on the blog is protected by a copyright.  The name Trademark Access is protected by a trademark.  If Trademark access invented a new type of computer, that would be protected by a patent.

In the above scenario, the creative expression, the blog,  is protected by a copyright.  The source or origin of that blog, Trademark Access, is protected by a Trademark.  The functional expression, the computer, is protected by a patent.

Copyright- Protects the creative expression of an idea.  You can write a fantasy novel, or paint a picture of a knight and that would be protected by copyright law.  However, the idea of a fantasy novel or idea of painting a knight is not protected by copyright, only the individual artists expression.

Trademark- A trademark protects and indicates the origin of a particular product or service. For example, Nike is a trademark.  Nike makes both shoes, socks, shirts, and hats.  When you buy an article of clothing with the Nike symbol on it, you know what company made it, and you expect a certain quality associated with that label.

Patent- Protects a functional expression.  Often time many patents come together to make a single product. Automobiles are a series of patents.  The tire company creates a new tire and files for a patent.  The variable speed windshield wipers are a different patent, and the engine is another one.  Put all of these functional ideas together and you have a car.

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