Patent Issuing

What is Patent Protection?

Like your business’ trademark, you company’s inventions are another critical form of intellectual property that require the utmost protection. While trademarks protect your company’s logos, taglines, and other service marks, patents protect your company’s inventions.

Patents ensure that others don’t benefit from your novel product ideas by excluding others from making, using, selling, offering to sell, or importing any products covered by your patent.


There are three different types of patents:

  • Utility patent: A utility patent protects the function of your product or invention. These last for 20 years after your filing date.
  • Design Patent: A design patent protects the ornamental design (g., aesthetic look) of your invention. These last for 14 years.
  • Plant Patent: Plant patents protect unique varieties of plants. They last 20 years, like utility patents.

Our registered patent attorneys at Trademark Access are prepared to help you obtain patent protection for your inventions.

Working with a Registered Patent Attorney

While many inventors are confident that they can tackle their patent application as a “Do It Yourself” project, they often encounter common pitfalls along the way that prevent them from being able to obtain a patent, or to obtain the amount of protection they hoped for in their patent.

Because patent law is a highly complex and nuanced area of law, it is best to have an experienced, registered patent attorney at your side to provide you legal counsel at every step of the way. At Trademark Access, we are invested in helping you safeguard your intellectual property. We can help you navigate the process from performing thorough patent searches, to preparing your application, to protecting against potential infringement.

Ensure that your intellectual investment and inventions are safe against theft by imitators. Contact our attorneys for more information on patent related services and pricing.