Register A Trademark

Need to register a trademark to protect your company name or brand?  Then put the years of experience and expertise of Trademark Access to work for you. Hiring a trademark attorney does not need to be expensive. You can obtain quality trademark services without paying the high prices of a big law firm.

At Trademark Access we make it easy to register a trademark and obtain solid protection for your logo or mark. Businesses that engage in this process alone may be taking costly risks. Applying for a trademark without an attorney could increase the chances that your application does not register or that it registers with only limited protection.  It could also leave you at risk of adopting a mark that infringes a third party’s rights.

Don’t make the mistake of applying for a trademark on your own, only to receive a cease-and-desist letter informing you that your mark infringes another’s rights and demanding that you immediately stop using the trademark. At Trademark Access we know how this can set a business back; which is why we offer our comprehensive trademark search services to ensure that the trademark you want to register is clear for use.

Why use Trademark Access? If you had a tooth ache would you pull your own tooth? Of course not. A smart person has a dentist do their dental work.  For the same reason you should avoid the pain and frustration of self-help services and use a trademark attorney from Trademark Access to help you obtain your registration.

At Trademark Access we understand what it means to register a trademark. Have us prepare and file your trademark application today to avoid common mistakes and to receive the best chance of obtaining strong trademark protection.  When you use our services, we will help you understand the process so you know that your money is well spent.

You want to register a trademark using a firm that has solid training and experience and one that will go above and beyond to help you strengthen and protect your business name or logo. Your company should not risk investing time and energy into a trademark without the assistance of an experienced trademark attorney. Do-overs can be costly and can leave your company name or logo vulnerable.  Why risk it when you can use our services at Trademark Access?

Let the knowledgeable attorneys at Trademark Access put their many years of experience in obtaining trademark registrations to use for you. If you are ready to register a trademark then call 1-855-549-9900  – or  – Start the application process online below: