Trademark A Logo For Your Business

You may be wondering exactly what the criteria is that makes a trademark, a logo. A trademark logo is anything that is uniquely identified with a company. It signals to people what they are getting and the reputation behind it. Think of Tony The Tiger for Kellogg corn flakes, or the duck for Aflac Insurance. These are trademarked logos.

You can also trademark a logo that is going to be used as a service mark. Some people think that a service mark will not have the same level of protection as a product, but it will. In this case they are used to distinguish services instead products. Contact us and start to distinguish your products and services now.

You do not have to officially register a trademark logo in order to use it in conjunction with your business, especially if you have been consistently using it and you have built up some real credibility. All you would have to do is use the TM and SM marks to show that you are using a logo as your product mark or service mark.

You might think it’s too difficult to trademark a logo, but you can. A trademark is a number of different things. It is not just a word or a series of words. In fact, most well known trademarks are logos. A logo will do a better job at distinguishing and identifying the source of goods or services from one business to another. We can assist you with the process.

We can Trademark a logo for you!

When you decide to trademark a logo you will be protected under federal law. If you just tried to use it locally your layer of protection would be thin. You would be just asking for trouble. At Trademark Access we know the importance of making sure you are protected by US Trademark law from having your logo used by someone else. Relying on reputation built for that logo is not enough.

By letting us help you trademark a logo you might have, you can ensure that there is not another party that is using your logo. There are going to be fees required that you will have to pay. Each name, logo, or slogan that you wish to register is going to require a fee. However, the small investment is worth having exclusive rights to your logo.

If you are not using your logo across state lines, then there are going to be different levels of protection for it. For the most part the USPTO will not trade mark a logo that is not used across state lines. So in some cases you might need to have a website that can be accessed in different areas just to satisfy this requirement.

If you want to trademark a logo, we can help you do it. All we need is basic information from you about it and we can get the process going. If you are ready to get started call Call 1-855-549-9900 – or – Start the application process online here: