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Protecting your brand in Texas’s thriving business landscape is crucial. For over 20 years, Trademark Access has been a trusted trademark attorney servicing San Antonio, guiding businesses of all sizes through the trademark registration process. With a proven track record and a wealth of experience, Trademark Access can ensure your brand is legally protected, giving you peace of mind and a competitive edge.Our Trademark Attorney who represents San Antonio area clients can help you accomplish this goal. With our simple 4-step system we can have your trademark application filed within 5 business days.

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Why Should You Get a Federal Trademark Registration Instead of a Texas State Trademark Registration?

Trademarks are governed by state law and the federal Lanham Act, allowing owners to claim exclusive rights to use and register protectable marks.  The good news is that under federal law, certain attorneys can represent businesses in all 50 states and U.S. territories, including Texas.

Opting for a federal trademark registration through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) offers a significant advantage over a Texas state-level registration. Unlike a Texas trademark, which only protects your brand within the state’s borders, a federal registration secures exclusive rights across the entire United States and its territories.  This is crucial for businesses operating or planning to expand beyond Texas, ensuring brand protection nationwide and facilitating easier enforcement against infringements anywhere in the U.S.

A USPTO registration allows you to pursue trademark protection in foreign countries and provides a basis for registering your trademark with online platforms.  This strengthens your hand in combating counterfeit goods and services on major e-commerce websites. This comprehensive protection and national recognition significantly strengthen your brand’s position and longevity in a competitive marketplace.

Your Trademark Attorney in the San Antonio Area

Trademark attorney DallasOur leading trademark attorney is a highly-rated lawyer with over 18 years of experience. His area of expertise includes preparation and prosecution of trademark registration applications, as well as litigating opposition and cancellation proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. He has filed for and obtained hundreds of trademark registrations for clients. He has successfully argued cases against Fortune 500 companies and is admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court. Considered one of Utah’s Legal Elite, he can represent clients in San Antonio on all proceedings before the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Trademark Registration and Application For San Antonio, TX Businesses

Trademark registration is the process of legally protecting a word, name, symbol, or device that is used to identify and distinguish goods or services from those of others. It provides the owner of the trademark with exclusive rights to use the mark and prevents others from using a similar mark that may cause confusion among consumers. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is responsible for trademark registration in the United States. To register a trademark, it is important to ensure that the initial application and subsequent forms are filed accurately and without errors. This can help speed up the registration process. Trademark Access’s trademark attorney in San Antonio specializes in the trademark registration and application process, from conception to infringement prosecution.

Our San Antonio-based trademark attorney has the qualifications to represent you and protect your intellectual property rights. Fill out the online application and get your federal trademark registration underway in 3-5 business days.

Our Simple 4 Step Process to Getting Your Federal Trademark Registration

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How a Federal Trademark Registration Benefits Your Business

Trademark registration isn’t just about saying “no” to copycats. It’s a powerful toolbox that empowers your brand in numerous ways. First and foremost, it grants you exclusive rights over your brand name and logo, giving you legal muscle to prevent unauthorized use. This builds trust and goodwill with customers, who easily recognize your registered trademark (®) as a symbol of quality and distinction.

Beyond customer trust, trademarks are valuable assets. They create a unique identity for your products, separate from competitors, and can even be sold, franchised, or used as collateral. The registration process itself is cost-effective, offering legal protection for ten years with low maintenance fees. Thinking globally? A registered trademark in your home country can serve as a springboard for international registration, giving your brand a head start overseas. Trademark registration is an investment that pays off in multiple ways, attracting customers, talent, and safeguarding your brand’s future. So, don’t wait – secure your brand identity today!

Why You Need an Attorney to Perform a Trademark Search

Planning to start a business? It’s crucial to perform a clearance search before you register a federal trademark to make sure the trademark you want is available for your specific products or services.

Why conduct a clearance search? Imagine investing in building a brand only to find out that a similar trademark already exists. A clearance search can help you avoid this issue.

If it sounds complicated, consider enlisting the help of a trademark attorney. Here’s what they can do for you:

  • Research Trademark Availability: They will check if your desired trademark is already in use, which could lead to potential conflicts.
  • Identify Potential Issues: They will assess factors such as the similarity in appearance, sound, and meaning, as well as the relationship between goods/services, to determine if there’s a risk of customer confusion.
  • Understand Trademark Law: Attorneys are versed in the complexities of trademark law, including regulations around geographical names, surnames, and ornamental designs.
  • Prepare a Research Report: They will summarize their findings and explain the implications to you.
  • Address Your Concerns: They will answer any questions you have about the search results, the registration process, costs, and what to do next.

Hiring a trademark attorney reduces your risk of:

  • Trademark Infringement Lawsuits: A thorough search decreases the likelihood of inadvertently infringing on someone else’s trademark.
  • Trademark Application Rejection: Knowing about potential conflicts beforehand allows you to tweak your trademark strategy if necessary.

Starting with a comprehensive clearance search and the guidance of a trademark attorney sets the foundation for your brand’s success.

What is Trademark Infringement?

Trademark infringement means using a brand name or logo too similar to an existing one, which confuses customers. This can happen intentionally (like a competitor using a similar name) or unintentionally (think two companies coming up with similar names).

When infringement happens, it can hurt the original brand’s reputation and make it harder for customers to know who makes what product.

Here are the most common types of infringement:

  • Direct Infringement: This is the classic case of someone using a confusingly similar brand name or logo.
  • Indirect Infringement: This is when someone helps another company infringe on a trademark, maybe by making fake packaging.
  • Cybersquatting: This is when someone registers a website address that copies a brand name, hoping to trick people into visiting their site.
  • Counterfeiting: This is the big one – making and selling fake products with a real brand’s trademark.

To protect themselves, businesses should register their trademarks and be on the lookout for infringement. If they find someone infringing, they can take legal action to stop them.

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Trademark Law Resources in Texas

If you choose to do your own trademark. You may want to carefully consider the pro-s and cons. To help you with doing it yourself, has a trademark resource center that is available to the public. Trademark Access has a learning center and blog also.

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