Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration: A Wise Business Decision

Did you know that in the United States trademark rights can actually be earned by means of registration with any one of the 50 state governments or by means of the trademark in commerce? This is what is known as common law rights. What this means is if a person or a company has a state-based trademark registration or common law use of a trademark, which predates your federal trademark application, then you will be facing the possibility of an infringement lawsuit.

At Trademark Access we know some people enjoy the independence of self-help; they do not believe they need assistance in registering a trademark. However, you should understand that U.S. trademark law can be very complex though deceptively simple. Even if you are able to get your trademark successfully registered, there’s a chance you might find out you are not the only person that has rights to the trademark.

When registering a trademark your application can be denied for any number of reasons, primarily a small technicality. At Trademark Access we will make sure the application process is smooth and that your application will provide you with the full range of trademark registration rights.

Our Trademark Registration Services

If you are thinking about obtaining a trademark registration then you are likely on the road to making a wise business decision. At Trademark Access we are able to provide all the services you will need to successfully secure and protect your brand. We can help you obtain a strong mark and avoid the pitfalls of self-help services. For example, you may be using a particular mark that could make you vulnerable to an infringement lawsuit. At Trademark Access we will conduct a US trademark search before anything else, thus reducing the chances that you will face an infringement lawsuit. Our comprehensive federal, state, and common law trademark search can help you avoid investing in a mark that infringes on third party rights.

Trademark Registration

At Trademark Access we do a comprehensive trademark search. We will make sure to search the US government’s federal trademark database, along with performing a trademark registration search in all 50 states trademark databases and common-law databases. Once we have completed all of our searches concerning your trademark registration, we can help you with the often confusing process of filing the application. By hiring our attorney to assist you with this, it will help to ensure your trademark application will not be denied.

Are you ready to put our services to the test at Trademark Access? We are a team of highly trained experienced trademark attorneys who will go above and beyond to provide you with top rate services. We will make sure you’re comfortable throughout the process and will also make sure you understand each individual step along the way. If you are ready to get started then feel free to Call 1-855-549-9900 – or – Start the application process online below: