Benefits Of Getting A Trademark Registered

getting a trademarkEveryone knows the importance of branding and image in business. You stay ahead of your competitors if your clients recognize your logo or your name even just from a single short glimpse. This is why it is important you do not share your trademark idea with others. By getting a trademark registered, you effectively and legally claim a right of ownership over such and prevent your competitors or any other business from taking advantage of your popularity.

You are legally allowed to use the TM or SM designations in your company name or logo to claim rights of ownership even without a pending application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). However, the decision to do so might run counter to your intention as these symbols signify that your trademarks or service marks are not yet registered because despite the symbols, it will not prevent your competitors from filing their own applications.

By getting a trademark registered, you are lawfully allowed to control the benefits of owning your name and reputation. Take for example a well-known company that did not register their trademark. Imagine the business advantages of being able to make people think you are connected with the big company because you have used their name or logo or even a portion of it as your own name. Without registering your trademark, you cannot legally prevent others from using it for their own advantage. Not only will a registered trademark serve as a notice to others that they can no longer use the same or similar trademark but it is the only thing that will give you the right to sue those who do.

A trademark that is registered with the USPTO will also make it easier to apply for an international registration. So not only do you get to protect your trademark nationally, but internationally as well. Another big advantage of those with registered trademarks comes in the form of protection from the US Customs. You can file a claim with them to disallow the importation into the US of foreign goods that infringe your trademark rights. This means that you are at least protected nationally even if you do not have an international patent.

The whole process of getting a trademark registered looks simple but is filled with details that are easy to miss. If you are not aware of these small yet important elements, you stand to lose your trademark if you cannot get it registered. Hiring trademark lawyers like the Trademark Access legal team is your best option in ensuring you get the trademark federally registered. The benefits, however, make it all worth the effort and more. It is something that is an almost like a necessity next to securing business permits and other similar forms of documentation.