Trademark Services

Trademark Access provides a complete array of trademark services – from clearing searches and trademark registration to enforcement and litigation. To talk to us about how we can assist you, please call us toll free at 1-855-549-9900 or send us an email my completing our Contact Us form. Some of the many services we offer include:

Trademark Search & Registration

Trademark Services - Trademark AccessWe conduct a comprehensive clearing search to help ensure your selected trademark does not infringe someone else’s rights. This way you know before filing your application that your money is being well spent. Then we will prepare and file a trademark application for you aimed at getting you a strong registration so you can protect your name or logo.

Expedited Trademark Applications

Need to enforce your trademark rights, but don’t have a trademark registration? Worried that waiting to enforce your rights until you get a registration may harm your business? We can help expedite examination of your trademark application so you can get a registration fast.

Trademark Office Actions

Failure to timely and fully respond to an Office Action issued by the USPTO will result in abandonment of your trademark application. If you filed your own application and need help responding to an office action, we can prepare and file a powerful response for you. If your application has already gone abandoned and you need assistance reviving your application, we can also help you revive your application so you don’t lose your rights.

Trademark Renewals

Trademark registrations require periodic renewal and other maintenance filings. If you fail to renew your registration or to fulfill any other maintenance filings, the USPTO will cancel your registration. We can prepare and file your trademark renewal and other maintenance requirements to ensure your trademark remains active so your trademark rights are protected.

Trademark Monitoring

Trademark Attorney ServicesAfter you register your trademark, you will want to police your mark to protect against third party infringers. The strength of your mark can be impacted by how well you monitor and enforce your trademark rights. Similarly, you will want to monitor your registration to ensure you do not miss any of your renewal or other maintenance deadlines. We can monitor your trademark for you and keep you protected.

Trademark Enforcement & Litigation

Need to enforce your trademark rights against an infringer? Have you been accused of trademark infringement? Our attorneys are experienced and successful trademark litigators. Call us toll free at -1-855-549-9900 and talk to one of our knowledgeable attorneys.

Trademark Cancellation Proceedings

Discovered that someone else already has a registration for your trademark or a similar mark even though you started using your mark first? You still may be able to register your trademark and have the other party’s registration cancelled by filing a Petition for Cancellation.

Trademark Opposition Proceedings

Before a trademark registers, it will be published in the USPTO’s Trademark Official Gazette so that third parties have an opportunity to oppose the registration if they believe they will be injured by a mark’s registration. If your registration application has been opposed or you would like to oppose registration of someone else’s mark, we can help.