How To Register A Brand Name Properly

register a brand nameOne of the most exciting and fun parts of starting a business is coming up with a brand name for your products. No matter how many good ones seem to be taken, there are always plenty more ideas for product names — and yours can be original and eye-catching. Brainstorming can be amusing and entertaining, a break from hard work.

The trouble is that, although your thought might seem original, there is the possibility that someone else will come up with the same name for his or her product. To make sure this does not affect your success, it is essential to register that name before someone else gets there first. It becomes your trademark, something you legally possess. Like your jewelry, car, and computer, it is protected property, and theft is punishable by law.

Begin to find out how to register a brand name by visiting the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). They provide advice, application forms, and a search site for locating other names like the one you have in mind. Even if it is a brand name waiting for a decision, applicants will still be able to see it on the list.

You can download forms and make the application yourself. On the other hand, one of those pieces of advice noted on the USPTO site is to hire an attorney to help you through the process. Keep in mind that it costs money to make an application, and if it comes back with errors, you have to re-apply, paying the fee once again.

To register your name without going through this frustration, start by visiting an attorney who specializes in intellectual property law. There are firms, which focus specifically on trademark law, assisting clients with the search and application process. They know the potential hurdles clients face and common mistakes people make, including how they define the product or service they are naming.

With this service, an experienced trademark attorney can prevent a client from applying pointlessly; that is, when a brand name is already taken. Attorneys take a basic or an in-depth approach according to the client’s budget. The detailed approach will look at more than just the regular national registry and explore state trademark registries, which are not listed, on the USPTO site.

The next stage is for the client, who has now successfully registered a brand name thanks to these professional services, to protect it. One simple way to ensure your trademark is protected is to retain the services of the same legal team to monitor your name. You went through a lot of work and waited a long time to find out the results of your application and do not want to let someone else steal your property. Consider a trademark attorney like a security system.