Only A Proper US Trademark Search Is Going To Boost Your Registration Success

Imagine that you go through all of the trouble it takes to make expensive brochures for your business, create a great website, and make a brand name that you feel is going to be unique for you.

 Now imagine that all of this effort goes to waste because the brand you put on the material is being used by someone else. A US trademark search would prevent you from investing all of this time and energy and that is exactly what we at Trademark Access will perform for you.

 The last thing we want for our clients is for them to invest a lot of money into advertising, brand name development, printing, and marketing only to have it all go up in smoke with an infringement problem. The only way to stop this is by conducting a US trademark search, one that is going to be detailed and focused on many different areas.

 Do not be fooled by services offering you a free trademark search. Sometimes you will come across services that will promise to perform a US trademark search for you for free. A free search is usually offered just to get you on the hook so you can overpay for other services. We at Trademark Access feel that a free search is not going to cut the mustard.

 What we do at Trademark Access is conduct a full scale search for your trademark. We check into local, state, and national trademarks databases in order to see if anyone has registered your name or mark. We will also look into whether or not they are currently using it or something that looks similar.

 Don’t let cheap inferior services cost your business down the line. If you go with a service that does not perform a comprehensive enough US search of your brand, you are risking a lot. The money you might save on the front end is going to be given back in return because of your application being rejected in most cases. You will be forced to change your trademark, and this is going to cost you a lot.

 At Trademark Access we do not offer an inferior US trademark search. What we do is take the time to do a comprehensive search to make there are no similar marks to yours, no similar sounding names, no common trademark problems, and we take a look at all 50 states.

 We will agree that there are free methods you can use to conduct a US trademark search, but these method just are not accurate enough or detailed enough to provide you with results you will feel comfortable basing your application filing off of. Our trademark attorneys have the skill to perform that type of research you are going to need and the type you will appreciate.

We do not want you spending more money then you need to down the line because mistakes. We also do not want you getting into legal trouble. So why not let us help you now by calling 1-855-549-9900 – or – Start the application process online here: