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Trusted Trademark Attorney Services

Trademark Access offers professional US Federal trademark attorney services on a one-on-one basis, providing you the personal assistance of an experienced trademark professional. Because registering trademarks is our business, we can quickly and simply assist you in preparing and filing a solid trademark application – cost effectively – and advise you on how to best protect your company’s name, logo, or tag line.

When is the best time to hire a trademark attorney?

Answer:  At the beginning!


Waiting to hire a trademark attorney can put your intellectual investment at risk.  The sooner in the process you consult a trade mark attorney, the more efficient the trademark application process will likely be.

Our professionals can help you at all stages:  (1) at the beginning before you register your trade mark both in the way of consultation and in conducting trademark searches; (2) during and throughout the US Federal trademark registration application process; and (3) after registration in protecting and enforcing your trademark.  Our team of skilled professionals have what it takes to tackle the complex process of trademark registration and enforcement.

We know from experience that the trademark process is challenging for someone with no experience, but initially can be deceptively simple. Consulting with a trademark attorney is highly recommended and is a good way to ensure  the process is done right in the first place.  Moreover, it can protect you against the illusion of success.  It is not unusual for businesses using self-help methods to obtain a US Federal trademark registration only to learn years later that the mark does not protect them in the way they had hoped or that the mark is as risk of being invalid. There are any number of errors you can make during the registration process that may limit your ability to enforce your trademark. In some instances, the errors can actually render your trademark invalid. At Trademark Access we have the experience and expertise to help you avoid these risks.

How to Register Trademark

If you are wondering how to register a trademark or how to trademark a name, then call Trademark Access and talk to a knowledgeable trademark attorney who can personally prepare and file a trademark application for you with the know-how and expertise that comes from years of experience. Our trademark professionals also conduct comprehensive trademark clearing searches using Corsearch®, a powerful trademark search platform used by many large and prestigious law firms and companies

We recommend having a robust and sound trademark search conducted by a trademark professional prior to filing a trademark application and that you consult with a veteran trademark lawyer concerning the search results. This can dramatically improve your chances of securing a strong trademark registration and will help you avoid infringing on the trademark rights of others.

Why Do I Need A Trademark Attorney to Register My Trademark

In 2013 almost 9000 legal actions were taken regarding Trademark disputes.  Most of these actions are resolved before a judge needs to decide the outcome.  Swift outcomes are usually the result of a properly filed trademark.  If your trademark is filed correctly, you may have the legal leverage to force someone out of any potential lawsuits and avoid costly legal fees.  The average trademark dispute costs $120,000 in trademark attorney fees and some have reached over $300 million in awards for infringement.  You can file your own trademark but you should consider all of the pros and cons before you make that decision.

Our Trademark Attorney Represents Clients in All 50 States, and US Territories on Proceedings Before the US Patent and Trademark Office.

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