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Trademark Access is a small trademark law firm, dedicated to providing California businesses and residents access to an experienced trademark attorney for one low flat fee. Trademark Access strives to help our clients fully develop their ideas and create a personalized strategy to protect their brand. We specialize in trademark search and trademark registrations.

Trademark Access is the alternative to large expensive firms with hidden costs. We represent both small and large clients with equal passion and professionalism. We serve clients in all 50 states and have experience representing small companies against large fortune 500 companies. If you are looking for a trademark attorney in California, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Why Should You Get a Federal Trademark Registration Instead of a California State Trademark Registration?

A federal trademark registration offers nationwide protection from infringement occurring anywhere in the United States, whereas California trademark registration provides localized protection within the state’s borders.

Think of a California trademark registration as a documented version of common law rights. It establishes your first use date and can be used to defend your mark against infringers operating within California.  The application and review process happen directly through the California Secretary of State’s office, not the USPTO. This makes it a relatively quick, simple, and inexpensive option.

However, while a California registration protects your mark within the state, a federal registration elevates your trademark to national recognition. This carries more weight in defending your brand, especially if your business operates beyond California’s borders or has expansion plans.  The USPTO considers federal registrations when reviewing similar trademark applications, helping to prevent potential conflicts. Additionally, a federal registration can serve as the foundation for international trademark protection.

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How a Federal Trademark Registration Benefits Your Business

Federal trademark registration offers a powerful shield for your brand. It grants you the exclusive right to use your trademark nationwide, allowing you to take legal action against anyone who infringes upon it. Additionally, registration prevents others from securing a similar trademark, streamlining future legal battles.

Here are some of the most valuable advantages:

  • Legal Ownership & Enforcement: You gain the legal muscle to sue infringers in federal court, with potentially greater damages and faster resolution compared to state-level actions.
  • Nationwide Protection: Your trademark is shielded from unauthorized use across the country, safeguarding your brand reputation.
  • A Public Record & Deterrent: Registration deters infringement by appearing in trademark searches, making it difficult for competitors to claim ignorance.
  • International Expansion Benefits: Owning a U.S. trademark simplifies the process of obtaining protection in foreign countries.
  • Licensing & Transferability: You gain the ability to license your trademark rights or transfer ownership entirely in the future.

By registering your trademark federally, you build a strong foundation for your brand’s success and ensure its legal protection.

Our Trademark Attorney Servicing California

Trademark attorney CaliforniaOur leading trademark attorney is a highly rated lawyer with over 18 years of experience. His area of expertise includes preparation and prosecution of trademark registration applications, as well as litigating opposition and cancellation proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. He has filed for and obtained hundreds of trademark registrations for clients. He has successfully argued cases against Fortune 500 companies and is admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court. Considered one of Utah’s Legal Elite, he can represent clients in California on all proceedings before the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Trademark Registration and Application For California Businesses

One of the most vital forms of legal protection you can for your business is trademark registration. Successful trademark registration protects your name, logo, and reputation. Proper registration requires a search, application, and response to office actions. Our attorneys can process and file your registration using a simple four-step process. Often we can accomplish this in a period of 5 days, even though the certificate of registration may take up to 18 months.

Our Simple 4-Step Process to Getting Your Federal Trademark Registration

The 4 steps to getting a trademark

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Why You Need an Attorney to Perform a Trademark Search

There are a lot of tools available to perform a DIY trademark search.  There are a lot of cheap online agencies that will perform trademark searches for you. Keep in mind that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office may reject your application if a potential conflict with your trademark or a problem with your application is detected.  Cheap agencies and DIY do not offer you a thorough analysis or have a legal comprehension to understand legal standards of confusingly similar or likelihood of confusion. Without a thorough analysis by an experienced trademark registration lawyer, you risk seeing your application rejected by the USPTO.

In handling a typical trademark registration case, an experienced attorney wil start by doing a comprehensive search of all the trademark databases, many of which are not free, to make sure the name you want is not already being used.  They delve into state trademark filings, industry-specific resources, and even common law uses of similar marks.  Once all resources are exhausted feedback is given to make the client aware of potential conflicts and potential future problems.

What is Trademark Infringement?

Trademark infringement occurs when someone uses a brand name or logo (trademark) without permission, especially in a way that confuses customers about the source of a product or service. Imagine someone selling cheap sneakers with a swoosh that looks suspiciously like a famous brand’s logo. That’s infringement!

Trademark owners can sue to stop this. If successful, the court can order the infringer to stop using the mark and potentially award the owner money for damages.  In short, a strong trademark protects your brand reputation and prevents customer confusion.

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Unsure if your business idea needs a trademark or how to navigate the federal registration process? Don’t navigate the legalities of brand protection alone! Schedule a consultation with a California trademark attorney. They can answer your specific questions, conduct a comprehensive trademark search to identify potential conflicts, and guide you through the USPTO registration process. A strong trademark safeguards your intellectual property nationwide, fostering brand recognition, customer trust, and a competitive edge. Invest in your business’s future – contact a California trademark attorney today!

California Trademark Resources

If you do decide to file your own trademark, take a look at our learning center and our blog. In addition to our site, California has some great resources to help you. The Orbach Science Library at UC Riverside, California State Library in Sacramento, San Diego Public Library, and the Sunnyvale Public Library. The following Universities occasionally offer clinics, California Western School of Law, University of San Francisco, and University of Southern California.

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Our trademark Attorney cannot file your registration with the state of California. We deal only with Federal Trademark Registrations. If you wish to file a trademark in California you can find more information at California Secretary of State website.