Trademark Access Services

Trademark Registration

From preparing your application, to responding to non-substantive office actions from the USPTO, our professional trademark attorneys take care of registering your trademark for you. From start to finish, we ensure that the process is done correctly—the first time!

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Trademark Search

Before registering for your trademark, our attorneys can perform a comprehensive trademark search to ensure that your mark isn’t similar to another one that is already in use. This streamlines the trademark registration process, and gives you much higher likelihood of having your mark approved by the USPTO.

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Trademark Application

Filling out your trademark application yourself may sound simple. However, there are many detrimental mistakes you can make when preparing your trademark application that decrease the amount of protection your trademark will have in the future. Let our attorneys help you avoid those costly errors!

Trademark Application

Trademark Opposition

When another business is attempting to register a trademark that will be harmful to your own, our trademark attorneys can step in and oppose the registration of those trademarks. If your mark is being opposed, or you’d like to oppose another company’s mark, the team at Trademark Access is ready to help.

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Trademark Infringement & Enforcement

Whether someone is infringing on your trademark rights, or you are being accused of infringement yourself, the attorneys at Trademark Access are here to defend your trademark rights. Our professional litigators are experts in trademark law and can give your mark the protection it deserves.

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Trademark Attorney Services

Whether registering a trademark, defending against infringement, stopping copycats and counterfeiters, or negotiating a license, consent, or co-existence agreement, you will want the services of an expert—an experienced trademark attorney. At Trademark Access, we offer expert legal services for all of your needs before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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