About Us

Registering Your Trademark with Trademark Professionals

At Trademark Access, our attorneys are dedicated to providing you with quality trademark registration services, and work diligently to help you attain the highest possible level of protection for your mark. We are not a self-help service.  Our trademark attorney services are provided on a flat fee basis at a discount from what large national firms charge. This is for your convenience, and to eliminate the surprise of unexpected fees.

Our trademark attorneys handle all the difficult parts of the filing process so our customers can focus on their business while we focus on securing their trademarks and protecting their brands. Our attorneys have a consultation with you to ensure your trademark receives the personal attention it merits, and to highlight your specific needs, as well as any concerns or foreseeable problems with the trademark you would like to register. Have an experience trademark attorney assist you in preparing your trademark application today!

Our Process for Registering Your Trademark

Our team at Trademark Access has developed a streamlined process, allowing us to file your trademark application within 3-5 business days:

  • When you order our trademark registration services, you get a consultation by phone with one of our trademark attorneys to discuss your mark or logo
  • At your request, our trademark professionals then begin an extensive trademark search to check if a trademark similar to yours is already registered or in use
  • Our attorneys discuss the search results with you and advise you on any potential conflicts
  • Your trademark application will be prepared and submitted by Perry Clegg, who has been recognized by Best Lawyers in America as one of the top attorneys based on a survey of legal peers
  • Your trademark application is filed and monitored as it makes its way through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Our attorney will send you your certificate when it is issued!

Our trademark professionals specialize in securing businesses their trademark rights, and ensuring that the community associates those trademarks with the unique character of your business. When you register your trademark, you don’t just protect a logo or a phrase—you demonstrate your pride in your company by safeguarding its reputation.

Get started with our knowledgeable attorneys today!