Trademark Enforcement

Enforce Your Trademark after Registration

Once you have registered your trademark and have secured your trademark rights, you have more power to effectively enforce those rights. When you have Trademark Access help you register your trademark, our team performs a comprehensive trademark search through federal and state trademark databases as well as an online common law trademark search to ensure that your trademark does not conflict with any pre-existing marks. Also, trademarks similar to yours may have slip through the cracks and been allowed to register with the USPTO.  Our trademark attorneys are experienced in USPTO proceeding for opposing or cancelling trademark applications and registrations for conflicting marks.

Ongoing Protection from Trademark Infringement

When another company infringes upon or misuses your trademark, your company is the one that is injured as a result. Similar trademarks may confuse your consumers, especially if the goods they are associated with are also very similar.

Our attorneys at Trademark Access can continue to monitor and enforce your trademark rights against potential infringement. This includes keeping your own registration up to date, and ensuring that all renewal and other maintenance deadlines are kept. We’re prepared to both detect existing infringement cases, and vigorously enforce your rights if any rival company begins using a similar mark.

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Trademark Enforcement

At Trademark Access, we don’t just help you in the preliminary stages of registering your trademark; we also offer enforcement services to help you protect your mark in the long run. Whether you intend to prosecute others, or are being accused of infringement yourself, we’ll help you investigate infringement cases, including the third party’s ownership, priority of use, type of use, and likelihood of confusion with your own mark.

Stand up for your trademark rights with the help of the experienced litigators at Trademark Access.