Trademark Application

Our experienced trademark attorneys take the hassle out of preparing and filing your trademark application.

Why File a Trademark Application?

As a proud business owner, you deserve to have your trademark receive the federal recognition and protection it merits. Whether your trademark is a logo, company name, tag line, or other signifier of your brand, when your customers see or hear those trademarks, they associate them with the reputation of your goods. Your company is unique, and you would hate to learn later down the line that your trademark resembles that of another company. What if your customers confuse the two companies? Talk about a headache.

Registering your trademark on a national level is the best way to ensure the best protection for your trademark. Achieving that registration, however, is easier said than done, and involves an in-depth trademark application process.

Having a Trademark Attorney Prepare Your Application

Many companies approach the trademark application process with the mindset of doing it themselves. Filling out all the paperwork and completing online transactions yourself may initially seem like a cost-effective route, but quickly becomes complicated when you’re facing rejections from the USPTO, or trying to enforce your mark later, only to learn that your mark was improperly filed. Having to re-file an application, or being left with costly legal fees down the road, end up costing far more than it would have to hire a trademark attorney to file it correctly from the beginning.

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When you work with the attorneys at Trademark Access to file your trademark application, you avoid the pitfalls in the application process. We are familiar and comfortable with the index of forms that require thorough completion, and our attorneys will ensure that you comply with all regulations and deadlines.

When you work with Trademark Access, you receive:

  • Phone Consultations with U.S. Trademark Attorney
  • U.S. Trademark Application Prepared and Filed by Trademark Attorney
  • Monitoring Trademark Application
  • Responding to Non-Substantive Office Actions from USPTO
  • Mailing Your Trademark Registration Certificate

Expedited Trademark Applications

In a time crunch to register your trademark for legal reasons? In addition to our regular trademark application services, our team at Trademark Access offers expedited options. We can help you fill out your application quickly, shuttling through the process to get the needed registration in a shortened timeframe.

Something as important as your business’s trademark—and reputation—deserves the highest quality of protection. Rely on our professional attorneys to file your application with the skill that comes from years of experience.