Trademark Search

Verify that your trademark is unique—and doesn’t bear similarities to any existing trademarks—with a comprehensive trademark search.

Why Perform a Trademark Search?

You’re passionate about your business, and are anxious to protect it right now by getting your trademark registration squared away. At Trademark Access, we want to provide you with as smooth of a registration process as possible, giving you the best quality for your investment. To help you receive this level of service, it is critical to have a qualified attorney perform a thorough trademark search prior to sending in your trademark application.

Colleagues working together in office

Conducting a trademark search identifies upfront if your company name, logo, or slogan resembles any being used by other business. Using Corsearch®, a robust search platform database, our experienced attorneys help you identify any confusing similarities between your trademark, and those of other companies. By detecting these conflicts upfront, you don’t waste money and months of USPTO processing time by sending in your trademark application, only have the USPTO refuse it. After a quality trade mark search, our attorneys can verify if your trademark is “in the clear”, and available to use.

Trademark Search Services from Trademark Attorneys

Our attorneys at Trademark Access give you the professional feedback you need on your search prior to filling out your application.

A trademark search from Trademark Access includes:

  • Federal Trademark Search
  • State Trademark Search
  • Common Law Trademark Search
  • Attorney Opinion Letter regarding Trademark Search results
  • Phone Consultation with one of our U.S. Trademark Attorneys regarding Trademark Search results

At Trademark Access, our trade mark search process is thorough, but fast! Within days of beginning the process, you will have the information you need to move forward with registering your trademark with confidence.


Trade mark registration and search through the USPTO database (Tess) is regulated by federal law.  Our attorney can search trademarks for clients in all 50 states and US Territories.  We can also represent international clients who seek a trade mark registration in the United States.  All of our searches feature complete and current data retrieved directly from the official trademark database. All of our trademark searches are from official sources, and retrieve complete, current data.

Our trademark attorney holds BAR memberships in New YorkUtahWashington DC and is certified to practice before the United States Supreme Court.

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