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Trademark Application
$395 (+ govt. fees)*
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$650 (+ govt. fees)*
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Registering with the Help of A Trademark Attorney

Qualified Trademark Attorneys

With over 20 years of experience in trademark law, our attorneys can help you easily navigate trademark searches and applications.

Personal Consultations

Our trademark attorneys don’t leave you in the dark. We discuss all trademark matters with you throughout the process.

Flat Fees

You’ll never be left guessing how much you’ll pay for our trademark assistance. All of Trademark Access’ prices are provided upfront.

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Trademark Search

Trademark Search

  Trade mark registration and search through the USPTO database (Tess) is regulated by federal law.  Our attorney can search ...

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Safeguarding Your Brand

With a qualified trademark attorney at your side, you ensure that each step of the filing process is handled correctly and thoroughly from the beginning.

You customers associate your company’s products and goodwill with recognizable brand signifiers: logos, names, and more. Our attorneys help you turn these trademarks into true assets.

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Start protecting your trademarks today! Our Trademark Attorneys can help you at each stage of your filing journey.

We are always excited to help companies protect what sets them apart, and makes them who they are.

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I found Perry Clegg at to be a trusted lawyer who has provided exemplary service. His communication has been forthright, immediate, and to the point. His advice has been invaluable and only surpassed by his integrity over the quality of his work.

Gordon Hsu
Gordon Hsu

We're a small company without a budget for IP or other legal fees, so it's been refreshing to work with them as we have never felt too small. They've worked within whatever budget we have been able to carve out to make sure our trademark and images are protected. They've been fast, efficient, and very responsive. It's good to know we're protected and have a great resource to turn to with any questions we have.

Alex Stoddard
Alex Stoddard

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