Trademark Opposition

When a trademark application is being processed by the USPTO, the trademark is published in the Trademark Official Gazette, giving third parties a chance to oppose the registration of any trademark that may threaten their own.

In a case of trademark opposition, you will be on one of two sides: either a third party is opposing your trademark, or you are the one opposed to the registration of someone else’s trademark. In either case, you have become involved in a legal skirmish—with your trademarks on the line.

Businessman gesture "stop"

Whether someone is filing for a trademark that injures yours, or a company is challenging the registration of your mark, the attorneys at Trademark Access are ready to come to your defense. With over 30 years of experience, our attorneys know the facets of trademark law, and are well acquainted with the various grounds for opposition, and how best to proceed in your unique case.

Some common reasons for trademark opposition include:

  • Confusion: The trademarks are too similar, or are being used in the same geographic region
  • Description: A trademark is too vague, such as a company name merely describing the product it sells
  • Fraud: The trademark is deceptive, making false claims or drawing false assumptions
  • Use: A company has to commercially use their trademark for it to be valid

Stand up for your trademark with the help of Trademark Access. Our attorneys are ready to help you defend your company’s brand reputation by helping you defend your marks.