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Trademark Law Learning Center

The Trademark Access learning center is here to help you understand the process and importance of Trademark Law.  This does not constitute legal advice and is merely to assist you in understanding the process and help the people who try to do it on their own.  Unlike most learning centers, we do not tell you what a trademark registration is and pitch you prices.  We will do what we can to educate you and actually help you the best we can without crossing the line of legal advice.

How to Register a Trademark

How to Register a Trademark in 4 Simple Steps?
How long does it take to register my trademark?
How much does it cost to trademark something?
What is a trademark opposition proceeding?


How to Create a Trademark

How to create a trademark?
How do I know if I am committing trademark infringement?
What is the difference between a Federal Trademark and a State Trademark?
What can be Trademarked?
Should I trademark my business?
What is the difference between Circle R, Circle C and Circle TM?
What is the difference between the various types of intellectual Property?
What is commercial use?
How do I trademark something?
What is the difference between a trademark and a tradename?
What are the benefits of Hiring an Attorney VS DIY?
Can I trademark my domain name or blog?


How to do a trademark search

Tips on doing a successful Trademark Search.
How do you tell if a trademark is current or if it is registered?
Are you allowed to use a trademark symbol if it is pending?

How to fill out a trademark Application

How to file a trademark application

After I get my trademark

How long is a trademark good for?
How to monitor my trademark?
Do I have to renew my trademark?
What do I do if someone is infringing on my trademark?