Month: July 2017

Kroger Trademark Dispute

Kroger Sues Newcomer Lidl

Kroger is a grocery store super giant. Operating around 2,800 stores nationally, it is America’s largest grocery store chain. Its stores generated $115.3 billion in total sales in 2016 with approximately $20 billion in sales coming from its in-house brand “Private Selection”. That’s a lot of dough. So when European grocery giant Lidl began opening stores in the US and using its in-house brand “Preferred Selection”, Kroger quickly took action to protect its hard-won turf by filing a trademark infringement and dilution lawsuit, claiming that Preferred Selection is likely to cause confusion among consumers and dilutes the value of Kroger’s registered trademarks.
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Nike Opposes Spikeman

Nike Opposes Gronk’s Trademark Bid on Spikeman Silhouette Logo

Rob Gronkowski is hard to stop. Whether it’s on the field, where he is an All-Pro tight end, or off, where he has developed a name for himself as a highly paid endorser (including for Nike) and as a businessman through his own ventures, he is not going down easy. But Nike’s Trademark Attorneys are hoping that they will be able to tackle Gronk at the US Patent & Trademark Office before he is able to register his new “Spikeman” logo, which Nike says is too similar to its Jordan brand “Jumpman” logo.
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