Month: October 2012

Tips On Doing A Successful Trademark Name Search

trademark name searchYour business name is your identity. Attached to that is your reputation and good will. If you let your competitors to connect their business to your name, then you might as well close shop. Protect your business from free riders by registering your trademarks. The first step involves a trademark name search so that you yourself will not be using an already existing mark.

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File Trademark Application Paperwork To Give Your Business An Identity

file trademarkIf you write a book, you own the copyright to the book and this protects you from the theft of your intellectual property. If you invent something, you get a patent and this serves as protection in case somebody wants to steal your invention. The same thing applies to the trademark to some extent. In simple terms, a trademark can be described as a unique distinguishing feature of a company or a business. The trademark protects the business owner the same way the copyright protects the writer. This means that if you file trademark papers you will be protecting your business logo and your brand from creative theft.

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Benefits Of Getting A Trademark Registered

getting a trademarkEveryone knows the importance of branding and image in business. You stay ahead of your competitors if your clients recognize your logo or your name even just from a single short glimpse. This is why it is important you do not share your trademark idea with others. By getting a trademark registered, you effectively and legally claim a right of ownership over such and prevent your competitors or any other business from taking advantage of your popularity.

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A Step By Step Guide On How To Get A Trademark

how to get a trademarkIf you have a product or name that is unique for your business, it is important to get a trademark to protect that special name or product. Chances are, you have worked very hard to think up a unique product, and it is important to establish a presence in the market world. Typically, trademarked products or names attract more customers than those without trademarks because customers know the trademark means quality.

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Trademark Genericism: Will Apple’s “App Store

trademark registrationComputer technology and the internet move at lightening pace. A few years ago, the word app did not even exist. Now it has become commonplace and we hear about apps all the time. In 2008, Apple tried to get out in front of the curve and register a trademark for the term “App Store”, exclusively reserving the term for their use. Since that time, the term “app” has become increasingly popular.

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