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Free Trademark Application Program

Trademark Access and Trademark Attorney Perry Clegg would like to announce a new community friendly program. The free trademark application program. Every month Trademark Access will be performing several free trademark applications. Applicants will still be responsible for the standard filing fees required by the USPTO, but the Attorneys work will be at no charge.

The program is designed to help smaller start-ups, businesses in remote locations, charities and veterans. However, all applicants will be considered. To be considered for a free filing, fill out an application. Be sure to include as much information and tell us why we should consider you.

Once your application is submitted we will review it and notify you by email, within 5 business days. If you are selected to receive a free trademark application our attorney will file your application with the USPTO and respond to any non-substantive office actions.

When your certificate is issued our staff will send it to you. We will notify you when the time comes to renew your registration.

Trademark Access

Welcome to Trademark Access.  You may be wondering:  What  sets us apart from other trademark registration services?  There are at least three reasons you will want your trademark work done by the attorneys at Trademark Access.

First, we provide you the assurance that your trademark application will be prepared and filed by an experienced trademark attorney.   Unlike many of the self-help services now available on the internet, with Trademark Access you will receive personal consultation from one of our Trusted Trademark Attorneys.

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