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Find a Good Trademark Attorney

Find a Good Trademark AttorneyYou have created a striking, unique logo for your company and now you need to find a good trademark attorney. Unless you obtain a trademark to protect your artwork, it is open to be used by anyone for any purpose. When you entrust your intellectual property to Trademark Access, we’ll help you register your trademark to ensure that your company is the only one that can legally use it. Unlike some legal service providers, we don’t provide self-help services. Trademark Access is an actual team of experienced attorneys, knowledgeable in trademark registration and law. Our attorneys are just the ones you want working for you when you need a trademark.

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NFL Trademark Attorneys Push Fan Away from Trademark Registration

trademark attorneysAn NFL fan who had the foresight to try and get a trademark registration for “Harbowl” says he was threatened by the NFL’s trademark attorneys to abandon his trademark application. Unfortunately for him, he had not consulted a trademark attorney before filing his trademark application or after being threatened by the NFL. Whether or not pursuing the trademark registration was feasible, going up against a juggernaut like the NFL was probably just too intimidating. When it comes to navigating the complex world of intellectual property, the advice of good trademark attorney can be critical.

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Jay-Z And Beyoncé Attempt to Trademark A Name For Their Daughter

trademark a nameShortly after singer Beyoncé gave birth to daughter Blue Ivy Carter in January, the new mother and father, rapper Jay-Z, did something most parents never do.  They filed a trademark application on the name of their child.  When the parents are two of the most successful musicians on the planet, it seems that even the birth of their first child doesn’t slow down business.  It may seem like a smart thing to do, because other people might try to beat them to the trademark office to potentially use the mark as leverage.  For example, third parties might try to use the mark in ways that negatively affect their brand or try to sell the mark to them at an exorbitant price.  News reports have come out suggesting that they have lost their battle over the trademark. (Click here to see Rolling Stone article.) While it’s true that Beyoncé and Jay-Z will not have have exclusive rights to use the term Blue Ivy, they haven’t lost their rights all together.  The couple’s trademark application is still pending before the US Patent and Trademark Office and recently published for opposition.  (Click here to see Notice of Publication from the USPTO.) So long as there is no one with senior rights to the same mark for the same or similar goods, their trademark registration application should survive the opposition period.

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Benefits Of Getting A Trademark Registered

getting a trademarkEveryone knows the importance of branding and image in business. You stay ahead of your competitors if your clients recognize your logo or your name even just from a single short glimpse. This is why it is important you do not share your trademark idea with others. By getting a trademark registered, you effectively and legally claim a right of ownership over such and prevent your competitors or any other business from taking advantage of your popularity.

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A Step By Step Guide On How To Get A Trademark

how to get a trademarkIf you have a product or name that is unique for your business, it is important to get a trademark to protect that special name or product. Chances are, you have worked very hard to think up a unique product, and it is important to establish a presence in the market world. Typically, trademarked products or names attract more customers than those without trademarks because customers know the trademark means quality.

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